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  • Q. Why should I use MS Fix for my repair?
    When your smartphones or devices hold significant value, it's crucial to have options for repair or replacement when accidents occur, especially if they're integral to your daily life. At MS Fix, our technicians undergo rigorous training and testing to proficiently repair leading devices. With thousands successful repairs, we're a trusted center, dedicated to service excellence.
  • Q. How long will my repair take?
    We take pride in our expedited repair service. Our top repairs are typically done within 30 minutes at any of our Service Centres. However, tablet, laptop, and postal repairs might require 48-72 hours. Rest assured, we strive to return your devices promptly, looking brand new. In cases of extensive damage, repair may take longer as our expert team ensures high-quality restoration.
  • Q. What warranty do you offer?
    We recognise the importance of ensuring your repairs meet high standards, which is why we provide a 12-month warranty on all device repairs. Please review our terms and conditions for specifics on covered devices and the duration of your warranty.
  • Q. Do I need to back up my device before bringing it to you?
    We advise backing up your device before visiting us. In rare cases, if a repair necessitates it, we may contact you for approval to wipe your data. However, rest assured, you don't need to wipe your data before bringing it in for repair with us.
  • Q. Do you need my pin or passcode for the repair?
    Providing your pin or passcode before repair is optional. However, we recommend it for thorough testing. Our technicians ensure device functionality, including touch sensitivity and camera quality. Your privacy is paramount; our team never accesses personal data. You can review our Privacy Policy online for data protection guidelines.
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